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Car Accidents

What to do after a car accident in Las Cruces New Mexico

By January 14, 2021No Comments

Getting into a car accident doesn’t just happen to new drivers — people who have been driving for most of their lives can find themselves in this difficult situation, as well. Unfortunately, car accidents can sometimes be life-altering experiences. 

When you call the Harmonson Law Firm for help, you take the first step toward making it right and holding the responsible party or entity accountable for their wrongdoing. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the other things you should do after a car accident in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

1. Check for Injuries

The first thing you should do if you get into a car accident is check for any injuries that you and anyone who might be in your vehicle and any other vehicles involved may have sustained. If there is a medical need, call an ambulance and let them know it is urgent and give as many details as possible. 

Something to note is that injuries might not appear instantly. Some injuries take 24-48 hours to appear. For this reason, make sure you are checking in with your body for up to 48 hours after the accident.

2. Contact the Police (specific to New Mexico)

Calling the authorities should be the next step after checking for injuries. There are two conditions in New Mexico in which you would need to call the police department for an accident.

These include:

  • An accident resulting in bodily injury or death of any person
  • An accident resulting in property damage of over $500

In either of these cases, the driver must report the accident to the Las Cruces Police Department.

3. Stay at the Scene and Gather Info

You want to make sure that you stay where the accident took place while waiting for the police to arrive. During this time, you should obtain as much information as possible for your insurance company.

The type of information you would want to gather includes:

  • License plate numbers
  • Make and model of all vehicles 
  • Insurance information and contact information for other drivers 
  • Contact information and names of any witnesses to the accident
  • Photos of the scene and injuries, if possible

4. Contact a Las Cruces New Mexico Car Accident Attorney

Even before calling your insurance company, you should contact a Las Cruces attorney who will fight for you.

Here are some of the ways an attorney can help after your accident:

  • A car accident attorney will understand all the jargon that an insurance company might use to try to confuse you. 
  • An attorney can also help prepare any and all documents you might need to give to your insurance company. 
  • Most insurance companies require that you notify them of an accident in a timely manner. Your attorney can help navigate that step, as well.

Additional things to know about Car Accidents in New Mexico

There are two things to avoid doing after a car accident:

  • Never call your insurance company without first talking to an attorney 
  • Never give a statement to the other driver’s insurance company

You also have a deadline after an accident in New Mexico: the driver must file a written report for the New Mexico Department of Transportation within five days of the accident.

There is a time limit for you to take your accident case to court, as well, known as the accident statute of limitations. For most cases, it is a three-year statute of limitation. In the case of personal property damage related to the accident, the statute of limitations is four years.

Contact Attorney Clark Harmonson after your accident in Las Cruces

Clark Harmonson knows how terrifying the fight against big insurance companies can be. He witnessed this stress firsthand when he worked for a firm that defended those same companies.

Now, he’s ready to help you fight them.

At the Harmonson Law Firm, we work hard to get you the treatment and money you deserve. Contact our team at  (575) 208-2572 so we can get started working together on your case as soon as possible.

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