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Harmonson Law Firm Proudly Sponsors Upcoming “Walk Like MADD” Charity Event

By August 17, 2019November 27th, 2019No Comments

MADD – or Mothers Against Drunk Driving – has been campaigning across the nation to help bring awareness to drunk driving dangers since 1980. Beginning in 2008, the El Paso chapter of this incredible organization has been hosting its annual “Walk Like MADD” charity walk to raise money for future safety awareness campaigns.

Harmonson Law Firm is proud to be able to say we are acting as one of the key sponsors of the upcoming 2018 “Walk Like MADD” walk in El Paso! As leading personal injury attorneys known throughout our communities for our extensive experience and genuine compassion, we are so excited to have the chance to team up with MADD. We have seen far too many car accident claims brought to our law firm caused by a reckless drunk driver. Through our sponsorship of the “Walk Like MADD” charity walk, we sincerely hope to help people make the right decision to not get behind the wheel after even just one drink.

Important information you should know about the “Walk Like MADD” event:

  • When: September 15th, 2018
  • Where: Crimes Victims Memorial Park
  • Address: 610 San Paulo Drive, El Paso, Texas 79907
  • Early registration: Ends evening of September 1st
  • Same-day registration: From 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
  • Walk time: From 10:15 AM to 12:00 PM noon

The event will also feature a touching remembrance ceremony for those who lost their lives to drunk drivers in recent years. There will also be a commitment celebration after the walk concludes, which will center on making a true commitment to stop drunk driving, such as offering to be the designated driver whenever you go out for a night with friends.

At the time of this posting, the El Paso “Walk Like MADD” 2018 event has raised approximately $19,000 and 50 participants have pre-volunteered. The fundraising goal is $40,000, and we would love to see hundreds of locals come out to raise awareness for this great cause. Please visit to learn more about the walk, how you can sign up to participate, or how you can donate. If you cannot make the event or donate, do not worry – simply sharing the website with friends and family to bring more attention to it is a huge help. Thank you so much!

Do you require the services of a compassionate and experienced personal injury attorney in El Paso following an accident that was not your fault? You can contact Harmonson Law Firm by dialing (915) 228-4140 at any time to schedule a free consultation. We answer the phone 24/7 for client emergencies.

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