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We Advocate for the Rights of Injury Victims in El Paso, Las Cruces and Beyond.


Damages caused in car accidents typically go far beyond dented bumpers and broken windows. Physical injuries are often the most painful, lasting damages you can experience in an accident, and they can affect your work, future prospects, overall health, social life, and more.

Truck Accidents

Large semi-trucks and tractor trailers cause extensive damage when they are involved in vehicle collisions. Mainly due to their immense size and weight, these trucks can seriously injure or kill other motorists when accidents occur.

Motorcycle Accidents

When motorcycle accidents occur, the consequences can be devastating. Unfortunately, it is usually the motorcyclist who suffers the brunt of the impact. Even when wearing protective clothing, helmets, and other safety gear, motorcyclists often suffer severe or catastrophic injuries or even death when they are hit by other motorists.

Hospital Negligence

Despite our blind faith in trusting hospitals as a source of healing, treatment, and care, this trust is not always warranted as many patients fall victim to hospital negligence, leaving them in worse condition than ever before.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs whenever a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional fails to provide proper treatment under the accepted standard of care. When medical practitioners act negligently, the consequences can be serious and far-reaching.


Premises liability
Wrongful death
Dog bites
Workplace Injury
Pedestrian accidents
Bicycle accidents
Taxi and ride share accidents
Bus accidents

Facing an unexpected, life altering injury is difficult enough.

You shouldn’t have to deal with insurance companies determined to devalue or deny your claim.

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