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Should I consult a lawyer after a multi-vehicle accident in Las Cruces?

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Any car accident in Las Cruces is tough to handle, but multi-vehicle car accidents can be even more overwhelming. Victims of these types of accidents are tasked with making sure all the drivers and passengers are okay, dealing with multiple insurance companies, and more uncertainty than even with a typical car accident

But you don’t have to face these accidents alone. Las Cruces car accident attorney Clark Harmonson has the experience and the skill to help you through this difficult time. Let’s take a look at the ways hiring an attorney can help you navigate this process and move on with your life.

When Should You Consult a Las Cruces car accident Lawyer?

Certainly, there are some cases in which you may not need to consult a lawyer. These cases are usually ones that are cut and dry. 

Unfortunately, multi-vehicle accidents are rarely that simple. The more vehicles involved in a car accident, the more complicated the case will be. Multi-car accidents have a higher risk of injuries and are more challenging to determine who is at fault. 

Thus, when facing the aftermath of multi-vehicle car accidents, two main questions typically arise:

  • How do insurance companies figure out who is at fault?; and
  • Who pays?

How do multi-vehicle accident cases work in New Mexico?

New Mexico is an at-fault state. This means the driver who causes an accident uses their insurance to pay for the other driver’s bills from the collision. 

If more than one driver is at fault, they will share the blame, and their insurance companies will decide the responsibility percentage. For example, one driver could be 30% at fault, while another driver is 60% at fault, and a third is at 10% fault. That will be the percentage their insurance companies will pay. 

Additionally, being found “at fault” means that the other drivers can sue you for damages.

Another thing to consider when deciding if you should consult a lawyer after your accident is dealing with the insurance companies. The sad truth is that insurance companies are not looking out for you. On the contrary, they want to minimize the amount that they payout. 

With a multi-vehicle accident, getting what is owed to you from an insurance company can be even more difficult.

Why You Should Hire a Las Cruces Attorney

At the end of the day, it’s your decision whether to hire an attorney to help you through this lengthy and complicated process. 

But here are some of the most important ways an attorney can help you after your multi-vehicle accident:

  • Understanding all the jargon of the insurance company.
  • Making sure you get what is owed to you from the insurance company. 
  • Helping prepare all documents you might need to give to your insurance company and if you go to court. 
  • Navigating the best way to notify your insurance company of your accident in a timely manner. 
  • Reducing uncertainty in the process and gaining confidence in your ability to receive justice and compensation.

Contact Attorney Clark Harmonson Today

When getting into a multi-vehicle car accident in Las Cruces, New Mexico, you will want someone to help navigate the process. Attorney Clark Harmonson has almost two decades of experience in personal injury law. He’s helped clients through all kinds of accidents, including multi-vehicle accidents.

When you call the Harmonson Law Firm, you take the first step toward holding the responsible parties or entity accountable for their wrongdoing. Contact our firm today so that we can get started working together on your case.

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