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VIP Membership Program

The Harmonson Law Firm is dedicated to helping good people injured in bad accidents and getting you the treatment and money you deserve.

But we know that our clients are often dealing with problems big and small.

And that’s why we’re offering you access to the Harmonson Law Firm VIP Membership Program.

As a VIP Member, you’ll receive a card that grants you access to FREE legal services for specific issues — just a phone call away!

Become a VIP Member Today!

VIP Membership is free and includes the following pro bono legal services:

Free Family / Small Business Contract Review

This service covers the review of any contract, lease, or paperwork you need an attorney to take a look at. Our legal team is happy to review these documents for you and refer you to an experienced attorney in the specific practice area if you need more assistance.

Free Insurance
Policy Review

Like the contract review, this service ensures that one of our Harmonson Law Firm attorneys will take a look at your insurance policy for your house or business so that you know whether you’ll be covered in case of an accident.


Notary Service

Notary services can end up costing more time and money than you’d think. But as a VIP Member, we’ll notarize your documents for free and get them to you ASAP.

Free 15-Minute Legal Consultation

Sometimes all you need to do is run an idea or a question by a lawyer, and we’re here to listen. If your issue is not something our firm can help you with, we’ll put you in touch with an experienced attorney who can.

Become a VIP Member Today!

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    Disclaimer: At the Harmonson Law Firm, we know how the privacy of your personal information is. Anything you provide us is strictly confidential, will not be sold to third parties and will only be used to send you useful information from Harmonson Law Firm (like your new VIP card and our monthly newsletters)! Shipping times vary. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks to receive your VIP Membership Card.

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